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Classic Lashes

Our classic lash extensions classes are a 2 day intensive training. The first day of trainings is packed with theory, all about lashes, anatomy and how to do this treatment safe for you and your client. Basic eyedesign, application and what to do and what not to do. You will practice applying lashes on a training doll. After the first day of training, you will have knowledge about what this treatment is, who it´s for, all about safety and application. 

The second day of training starts with some more practice on doll head, and you will have two models this day. One for a new set and one for a fill. You will be guided and have assistance from your trainer the whole time during the practice on your models. 

Volume Lashes

We have 2 different volume classes, basic and advanced. To be able to attend our advanced class you must have a basic class, either from us or a different company. Practice of fans will be on a sponge and a full set of lashes on a model in both classes.

Our basic class is a one day class with basic techniques as finger roll, volume bubble and strip fanning. You will find the technique who works best for you in your daily lash work. Advanced eye design and we digg deeper in to layering and different zones of the eye. You will also have the perfect recipe for the mix sets, as someone refers to as hybrids now a days.

Our advanced class is a perfection class and how to do the Russian volume perfect with all the secrets you have not been thought before. The lash business secrets and our experience over the years have given us some unique techniques and ways to master volume lashes. We would love to share our knowledge with you so your lash work is the best as well. You are allowed to get frustrated during training, we once were as well. We all started somewhere, and practice makes perfect. 


Keratin Lash Lift

Our unique keratin lash lift system is gentle and gives your clients natural lashes a beautiful lift. We include tint in the same procedure and in this class you will learn all about the process and what happens to the lashes during this service. 

We include basic knowledge of lashes and anatomy as well as an advanced theory about the process and what the products so to the natural lashes and why it is a permanent service until the lashes grow out and naturally falls off. 

This is a one day class and you will be performing this treatment on two models. You will be assisted by your trainer during the whole procedure. 

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